H7V: His 7 Valkyries is a cancelled media franchise centered on a webcomic created by Isaac Aubrey Law. Produced by the Star Dragon Dynasty imprint of ColorWorld Productions, it depicts various characters, specifically an unlikely hero and the titular "7 valkyries".

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Isaac was a lonely man who lived homeless for a while. His life would change forever after meeting a seemingly ordinary human named Susan. Turns out, she's actually an alien in disguise named Salena, who tells Isaac of a secret force called the Evolvers. He learns that he has to represent humanity's salvation. Now going by Ike Quasar, he comes across many female aliens as they are all framed for a serious crime. They'll have to work together to save the universe from various threats while learning more about each other.

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This series takes place in a universe The primary organization present in the franchise is the Star Dragon Dynasty.

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According to creator Isaac Law, he essentially describes the story as a science fantasy romance with "Game of Thrones-like politics".

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The project was killed off hilariously fast when the creator, Isaac started posting fake job ads on deviantart to scam innocent artists for their work to fuel his erotic furry fanfiction comic. He is now known as one of the most incompetent scammers in the Deviantart forums. He continues scamming to this day with little to no success.

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